Alice VIP

Alice is proud to announce Alice VIP – an option that allows its users to come and watch as many films as they want at both Alice Cinemas AND Deluxe Cinemas for an affordable price. 

  • Watch as many films as you want – There is no limit on the number of films.
  • Go whenever you want – There are no restrictions on which showings you attend!
  • Watch whatever want – There are no restrictions on which films you choose!*


Alice VIP is coming soon


Terms and conditions

Each card can only be used by one person. Tickets gained from this card are strictly for the use of the card holder. Photo ID is required upon use. Each card will have a unique code on it with a person’s first and last name attached. Cards are not transferable to other people once purchased. The one year period commences from when the card is first used.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

*Cards can be used for any films at any time excluding Live Operas and films that aren’t standard ticket prices. Card holders can pay the difference for any such films.