LOVE FILM?! Then maybe our film club, Alice Social, is for you. This is a chance for all like-minded film enthusiasts to meet, discuss and watch quality cinema together. We see this as an opportunity to celebrate the loyal, passionate following that has supported Alice since its opening in 1985.

Social Screenings

  • We handpick a film that we think our cinephiles would appreciate
  • Hosted at Alice by our very own Alice film specialists
  • An opportunity to socialise with like-minded people and discuss the film at some of the fantastic local bars and cafes following Alice Social events.

How It Works

Alice Social is an optional opt-in add-on to Alice Cinema Club.
Not a Cinema Club member? No problem, you can sign up for free in less than 1 minute online or at our box office.  We primarily use to organise the events, so we strongly recommend you join our group here: You can also opt to receive our weekly emails with all the latest in film at Alice by clicking subscribe on the homepage. Attend an event at the specified time to briefly meet and greet the other members then head into the cinema to watch the selected film together.
After the film has finished, you’ll head off to a neighbouring cafe or bar to discuss the film (or films in general) over some delicious drinks of your choice.