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111 minutes

Age Restriction



Julian Schnabel


Walter Hill, Rupert Friend, Willem Dafoe, Oscar Isaac, Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner, Mads Mikkelsen


Jon Kilik

At Eternity’s Gate

Julian Schnabel’s ravishingly tactile and luminous new film takes a fresh look at the last days of Vincent van Gogh, and in the process revivifies our sense of the artist as a living, feeling human being. Schnabel; his co-writers Jean-Claude Carrière and Louise Kugelberg, also the film’s editor; and cinematographer Benoît Delhomme strip everything down to essentials, fusing the sensual, the emotional, and the spiritual. And the pulsing heart of At Eternity’s Gate is Willem Dafoe’s shattering performance: his Vincent is at once lucid, mad, brilliant, helpless, defeated, and, finally, triumphant. With Oscar Isaac as Gauguin, Rupert Friend as Theo, Mathieu Amalric as Dr. Gachet, Emmanuelle Seigner as Madame Ginoux, and Mads Mikkelsen as The Priest.

“At Eternity’s Gate evokes feelings from the audience in a way that only this beautiful medium can. Schnabel blends cinematography, editing, colour grading, music, and performances together to create a masterwork in empathy.” – In The Seats

“Dafoe is very pure here. The rawboned face hides nothing, showing lucidity even in the torment of his madness.” – Pacific Sun

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At Eternity’s Gate - Trailer

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