Baby Done
22 Oct 2020
Comedy, Drama
1 hours 31 minutes
Age restriction:
M ( Offensive language, sexual references & drug use)
Curtis Vowell
Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Nicholas Pallesen,
Madeleine Sami,
Emily Barclay,
Rose Matafeo,
Ryan O'Kane,
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Baby Done

1 hours 31 minutes | Rated M ( Offensive language, sexual references & drug use)

From the production house behind Kiwi box office hits Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Breaker Upperers, Baby, Done follows the story of Zoe (Rose Matafeo), a tree surgeon who becomes pregnant to her long-term boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis) and subsequently freaks out – comically trying to rush through her dreams before she turns into a mum.

Written by actress Sophie Henderson (Human Traces, Fantail) and directed by Curtis Vowell (Fantail), Baby, Done is the married duo’s s semi-autobiographical story inspired by their own reaction to starting a family.

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