76 minutes

Age Restriction

M (Offensive language)


Bea Joblin


Geraldine Brophy, Sophie Hambleton, Ben Childs, Tess Jamieson-Karaha, Jamie McCaskill, Fran Olds


Bea Joblin, Sophie Lloyd, Robin Murphy, Ness Simons

Births, Deaths and Marriages

shit happens.

“In the depths of Upper Hutt, 1994, the Hart clan is going through a very bad-hair day. Hugh (Fran Olds) returns from a quick foray to the supermarket for emergency supplies to bolster morale after her cousin Sinead (Yvette Velvin) is jilted at the altar, only to find all the rellies facing another upset: grandma has gone. Well, she’s still at home, but she’s popped her clogs. Sad as the situation is, at least the wedding food and flowers might be repurposed. Aunty Ngaire (Brophy) is on the case. And no way is a death going to interrupt Shannon’s plans to chase a bit of cheap trouser on a Saturday night. A girl has priorities, and if grandma were upright, she’d be all for it. Unfortunately, she’s out flat in the bed/birth room – soon-to-be-mum Katherine, floundering in the paddling pool, gives short shrift to hubby Ari’s (McCaskill) concerns about this combo not being tikanga. What about Irish tikanga, eh? Sinead packs a sad in the bath. Reluctant groom Dean (Ben Childs) pathetically hovers. Storm vociferously offers unrequested grief therapy tips. And Aidan, originally tasked with filming the wedding, now has his eye on posterity.” (New Zealand International Film Festival)

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Births, Deaths and Marriages - Trailer

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