C’mon C’mon
17 Feb 2022
1 hours 50 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Offensive language)
Mike Mills
Gaby Hoffmann,
Kenneth Kynt Bryan,
Woody Norman,
Joaquin Phoenix,
C’mon C’mon

1 hours 50 minutes | Rated M (Offensive language)

A documentary filmmaker whose latest project involves gifted children bonds with his smart-yet-sensitive nephew, whose father struggles with bipolar disorder and is in the grips of a manic episode.


No Joker in sight as the stellar and always surprising Joaquin Phoenix shows his tender side in this bracing, bittersweet family dramedy from Mike Mills, whose movie is a quiet thing, but with a delicate, soulful magic you won’t soon forget. ABC News

There are two films in this one movie vying for attention. The better of the duo is a documentary in which filmmakers travel around the country to inner cities asking young students very philosophical questions about life. National Newspaper Publishers Association

It’s an impressively contrived film, almost a machine for winning awards, a monochrome reverie of midlife yearning. Guardian

This falls into the time-honoured tradition of movies about closed-off guys learning to feel from the innocents left in their charge, but Mills skirts triteness by softening Phoenix’s usual intensity. Little White Lies

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