Escape from Mogadishu
28 Apr 2022
Action, Drama, Thriller
2 hours 1 minutes
Age restriction:
R13 (Violence & content that may disturb)
Seung-wan Ryoo
Kim Yoon-seok,
Kyo-hwan Koo,
Man-sik Jeong,
In-Sung Jo,
Joon-ho Huh,
So-jin Kim,
Escape from Mogadishu

2 hours 1 minutes | Rated R13 (Violence & content that may disturb)

It is 1991, Mogadishu, capital city and most populous city of Somalia was torn by civil war. The personnel and the families of the South Korean embassy, isolated with no communication were enduring hail of bullets and shells. Then one night, personnel from the North Korean embassy knocked on the door asking for help. People of both embassies have one goal, to escape from Mogadishu.


A vivid reminder of how political thrillers can provide nail-biting entertainment while still navigating complicated narrative terrain. Screen International

Propelled by a naturally cinematic true story, the thriller blends action with humor and heart to crowd-pleasing effect. Deadline Hollywood Daily

A giddy chase scene almost singlehandedly rescues Escape from Mogadishu an otherwise unmoving South Korean political thriller.

An involving and suspenseful action-thriller that Ryoo Seung-wan handles with flair, capably staging big action scenes – like the final, nerve-rattling drive to potential salvation – while not neglecting the human stories at their heart. Houston Chronicle

Propulsive and intelligently written… Variety

COMING 28 Apr 2022