Experimental City
Film Festival
1 hours 35 minutes
Age restriction:
Experimental City

In the 1960’s, anything seemed possible

A visionary scientist, alarmed by the growing environmental crisis in 1960s America, designs a domed metropolis whose futuristic technology and innovative design will eradicate the pollution and waste of the modern city. But before the city of the future breaks ground on a virgin site in isolated northern Minnesota, rural citizens and mistrustful environmentalists rise up in protest, doubtful of its pollution-free promises.

The Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival has grown to be one of the largest architecture and design film festivals in the world where you can immerse yourself in the world of architecture and design, enjoy a fresh selection of unique and intriguing international films, and be inspired by the powerful stories these films tell.

“…an ingeniously constructed documentary that makes good use of archival footage, documents, and recordings, along with re-enactments that look just fake enough to signal their constructed nature.” – TheArtsStl

“”The Experimental City” educates us to an important, relevant chapter in imaginative design.” – KDHX (St. Louis)

COMING 27 Jun 2019