Florianópolis Dream
Art House, Drama, Foreign
1 hours 47 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Sex scenes, sexual references & offensive language)
Ana Katz
Mercedes Morán,
Gustavo Garzón,
Andrea Beltrão,
Joaquín Garzón,
Marco Ricca,
Manuela Martinez,
Florianópolis Dream

1 hours 47 minutes | Rated M (Sex scenes, sexual references & offensive language)

Florianópolis Dream is a gentle exploration of the way families come together and push apart, with deceptively simple observations that illuminate the female experience – experiences that actor-turned-director Katz has a sharp, unerring sense for.

Set in the 1990s in Florianópolis, a famed holiday destination in southern Brazil, Ana Katz’s film is awash with glorious summer light, subtropical greens and white gold sand. Enter a chaotic Argentinian family of four in a clapped-out car that immediately runs out of petrol. The disorganisation, much of it stemming from skinflintery, continues. The family finds a beach bungalow thanks to Marco, a friendly local guy-on-the-make who spends much of the film in a tank top and Speedos.

“A wry… gentle, thoughtful probing of everyday events and their more revealing implications… bright and bittersweet in equal measure.” – Variety

“Katz’s lead delivers a fine and subtle exploration of middle-aged femininity.” – Cinema Scope

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