I Blame Society
29 Apr 2021
Comedy, Horror, Thriller
1 hours 24 minutes
Age restriction:
I Blame Society

1 hours 24 minutes

A struggling filmmaker realizes that the skill set to make a movie is the same to commit the perfect murder.

Playing a perhaps semi-fictionalized version of herself, director Gillian Horvat resolutely navigates an inspiring series of comical obstacles, skeptical intimates, and biased industry gatekeepers to get her first feature film off the ground. From a subjectively innocent initial concept that sings to fans of the ‘My Favorite Murder’ podcast-Gillian deftly executes the first in a series of impeccable transgressions with an unyielding allegiance to the Muse that resides within the heart of an unforgivable madness…a quality revered in cinema’s greatest auteurs. Co-opting the rules of a historically exclusive game, I BLAME SOCIETY is both an amusing and alternately disturbing meta-narrative exploring the dark side of artistic vision-articulating the oft-celebrated egregious qualities deemed to be intrinsic to cinematic brilliance.


Aside from all its other virtues, this film is a truly inspiring example of committing to the bit. Variety

I Blame Society is funny, unapologetic and packs a mighty punch on the gender political front that so many films today flirt with but ultimately step back from when it comes to the crunch. AWFJ Women on Film

If this is do-it-yourself cinema, more filmmakers would benefit from being as laser-focused as Horvat is on making something that truly has something to say. indieWire

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