JIFF – Asia
22 Jul 2021
Drama, Film Festival, Foreign
1 hours 25 minutes
Age restriction:
JIFF – Asia

1 hours 25 minutes | Rated TBC

The Jewish International Film Festival 2021 comes to Alice! 22nd July – 4th August.

Asia’s motherhood has always been an ongoing struggle rather than an obvious instinct. Becoming a mother at a very early age has shaped Asia’s relationship with her teenage daughter Vika. Despite living together, Asia and Vika barely interact with one another. Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse while Vika hangs out at the skate-park with her friends. Their routine is shaken when Vika’s health deteriorates rapidly. Asia must step in and become the mother Vika so desperately needs. Vika’s illness turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the great love within this small family unit.


From Daniella Nowitz’s muted, intimately lit lensing to the plaintive, judiciously used piano strains of Karni Postel’s score, every formal element of “Asia” serves to illustrate and enrich the tricky, evolving relationship at its center… Variety

It’s powerfully acted by both performers, and mercifully free from excess sentiment. It’s also, ultimately, strangely slight. Times (UK)

Sparse and gorgeously acted. The Jewish Chronicle

COMING 22 Jul 2021