Kusama – Infinity
1 hours 20 minutes
Age restriction:
Heather Lenz
Yayoi Kusama,
Kusama – Infinity

The queen of polka dots

Kusama – Infinity explores Yayoi Kusama’s fierce determination to become a world-renowned artist. Kusama was born into a conservative family in rural Japan and she made her way to America on the heels of WWII. There, without connections and speaking only broken English, she devoted herself to her one true love, making art. On her first day in New York, Kusama has stated that she climbed to the top of the Empire State Building, looked down upon the city below, and made a decision to stand out from everyone she saw below and become a star. She has received the Praemium Imperiale Laureate for lifetime achievement in painting, and was named the world’s ‘most popular artist’ and one of the ‘most expensive living female artist’ in 2014.

”Kusama-Infinity, while conventionally structured, provides ample illuminating access to an artist’s way of thinking and working.”- New York Times

”A genuinely felt portrait of the artist as a dedicated survivor, ever in service to her vision of the world and fighting for her place in it.”- Los Angeles Times

”Part talent, part hustle, part pathological insistence on her own way of dealing with the world, it’s an optimistic narrative with plenty of colorful guest stars, and should have a slightly broader appeal than the usual art-world portrait.”- Hollywood Reporter

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COMING 15 Nov 2018