La belle époque
06 Feb 2020
1 hours 50 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Sex scenes, violence, drug use & offensive language)
Nicolas Bedos
Guillaume Canet,
Fanny Ardant,
Pierre Arditi,
Doria Tillier,
La belle époque

1 hours 50 minutes | Rated M (Sex scenes, violence, drug use & offensive language)

What period would you relive?

French comedy-drama stars Daniel Auteil (Caché) as crotchety 60-something Victor, offered an escape from his life. A new service offers a chance at something different—a high-end re-enactment troupe using theatre and reconstruction to let their clients “travel” to an era of their choice. Victor chooses to relive the most important time of his life, the week 40 years earlier when he met his wife.


“Where so many high-concept romantic comedies squander their one big idea, “La Belle Époque” leverages its own to remind how and why we fall in love in the first place…” – Variety

“A sweet, inventive Richard Curtis-style romantic-comedy crowdpleaser that deftly balances hearty laughs and heartwarming emotion.” -Screen International

“The very up-to-the-minute script pivots on a Westworld-like dramatic conceit … that’s beautifully served by very adept writing and staging. Everything clicks here, all the time.” -Hollywood repoter

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