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Made in Italy



94 minutes

Age Restriction

M (Offensive language )


James D'Arcy


Valeria Bilello, Helena Antonio, Marco Quaglia, Micheál Richardson, Lindsay Duncan, Liam Neeson


Pippa Cross, Sam Tipper-Hale

Made in Italy

MADE IN ITALY is a heart-warming comedy set in glorious Tuscany, starring Liam Neeson as Robert, a charming artist who returns to Italy with his estranged son Jack (Neeson’s real life son Micheál Richardson) to sell house they inherited from his late wife. However, they are shocked to find the once glorious villa dilapidated and in a state of disrepair.

Renovations go badly, and father and son find themselves at odds once again. Robert’s comical lack of DIY experience leads him to seek help from some colourful locals, but for Jack, the state of the house seems to mirror his search for memories of happier times with his mother. Jack’s heart opens up when he meets Natalia, a vivacious Italian chef who restores both body and soul with delights from her local trattoria.

As Robert and Jack painstakingly restore the villa to its previous glory, they begin to repair their bond and imagine a different future.

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Made in Italy - Trailer

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