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Mister Organ



100 minutes

Age Restriction

M (Offensive language & suicide references)


David Farrier

Mister Organ

An incredible true story of psychological warfare.

Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (TickledDark Tourist) becomes fascinated by the late-night antics of a rogue wheel clamper in New Zealand. When Jillian Bashford, the owner of the shop this wheel clamper patrols, denies knowing him, Farrier becomes even more intrigued by the mysterious figure. The clamper is Michael Organ,  a convicted thief who once claimed to be royalty.

As Farrier continues to meet more of Michael’s victims, realising that not only is Organ a master manipulator, but he also inserts himself psychologically into people’s minds; including Farrier’s. Mister Organ is a thrilling and tension filled three-year long investigation — unearthing a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives, and at least one stolen boat.

All sessions include a special bonus pre-recorded Q&A with David Farrier, hosted by Steve Newell from Flicks. The Q&A plays after the end credits and digs into the origins of the film and David’s journey since filming.

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