18 Aug 2022
1 hours 26 minutes
Age restriction:
Sadie Frost
Vivienne Westwood,
Camille Rutherford,
Kate Moss,

1 hours 26 minutes | Rated E

One of Britain’s most renowned cultural figures, Quant was at the vanguard of the stylistic revolution of the 60s and 70s, leading the charge away from convention and conservatism through the championing of ground-breaking designs including the miniskirt and hot pants, plus an ingeniously creative partnership with hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon. Cinematic and stylistic, this is the fascinating story of the iconic design and retail pioneer, from her very first store on London’s legendary King’s Road, through to the development of a global empire. Using archive footage, original interviews with Quant’s contemporaries, family and modern day fashion and style leaders, plus dramatized scenes, Quant will be a feature of striking originality that is incredibly ‘of the moment’, revealing Mary’s quest to take on the world of fashion, push boundaries and pave the way for generations of women for decades after.


This is a compelling telling of Quant’s story, merging social commentary, music and high street style to create a story of a distinguished women whose immense impact on modern fashion is worth celebrating. London Evening Standard

Frost’s passion for her subject shines through, and having co-created the label Frost French, she feels well placed to tell the story of an extraordinary fashion icon. Deadline Hollywood Daily

If you thought that a film about Mary Quant would be for fashion geeks only, then cast aside those preconceptions. Daily Telegraph (UK)


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COMING 18 Aug 2022