School Of Life
Film Festival
1 hours 56 minutes
Age restriction:
Nicolas Vanier
Eric Elmosnino, François Cluzet, Jean Scandel, François Berléand, Valérie Karsenti, Thomas Durand
School Of Life

Paris 1930. Paul has only ever seen the high walls of the austere orphanage in the Parisian suburbs. But he is entrusted to Célestine, a cheerful country lady and her husband, Borel, the rather stiff game-keeper of a vast estate in Sologne that is owned by the Count of Fresnaye, a quiet widower who lives alone in his manor. The Count tolerates poachers on the estate but Borel relentlessly hunts down the most cunning of them – a man named Totoche, often failing as he is never able to catch him in the act.

When Paul meets the famous Totoche, the rebellious city boy will learn about life, nature and its secrets. But there is one secret he does not yet know – it is no coincidence that he is brought there.


“Even though the ending may be a tad predictable, Vanier still makes the journey quite relaxing and enjoyable. The nature footage at the start of the closing credits is a nice touch. Cinematographer Éric Guichard effectively highlights the luscious foliage and vast hunting grounds that make the picturesque Sologne region of north-central France so striking, to the point where many nature lovers will be flocking there.” -Lindsay Bellinger,

” This is Scandel’s first performance and he is good in the role, bringing a blend steel and vulnerability that captures the characters journey from orphan to learning how to operate within a family unit.” -The London Economic

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