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Jack Nicol



She Shears

Sheep shearing has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. In the 1980’s there were over 15,000 fulltime sheep shearers in New Zealand, only 5 of those where female. She Shears follows four female shearers in the buildup to the Golden Shears, the world’s most prestigious shearing competition. Sheep shearing has traditionally been a man’s world so there’s no women’s only event, but these girls won’t have it any other way. For these women, competing requires enormous tenacity and much back-breaking work but driven by passion and a competitive spirit they love taking their beloved occupation to the next level.

To win the Golden Shears is every shearer’s dream, but for our characters, it’s also a chance to demonstrate their skills and determination.

As the competition draws nearer, the women must contend with exhaustion, injury and self-doubt – and for them, family obligations are an ever-present demand.

Win or lose, heartbreak or joy, what persists is their passion for what they love to do most – shearing.

“First-time documentary director James Nicol (formerly a production assistant on The Hobbit movies) shows he’s a gifted filmmaker. He gives the back-breaking competition a magical quality without deflecting from the skill and strength of the female competitors.”


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