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Show Me Shorts 2020

New Zealand’s very own Short Film Festival is back from October 15th – 21st, 2020.

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The Sampler: Sit back and enjoy some of the best and most vibrant short films from New Zealand and around the world. This collection provides a great way to sample what Show Me Shorts is all about. The films feature a stroll through the streets of Naples, comedian Will Ferrell as a psychologist, paragliders in Nepal, a living statue, a couple of young hustlers, a rugby-mad little girl, and a boy who loves to dance.

Let’s Get Physical: We are made to move. The short films in this collection are vibrant — pulsating with the energy of music, dance and sporting prowess. The stories are populated with reluctant boxers, overly competitive tennis players, a much-loved dance teacher, several fabulous drag queens and some super-ripped Ukrainians pumping iron. Something for every taste.

Love Lines: We are all powerfully connected through a web of heartstrings. The short films collected here reflect the deep desire for human connection. The stories unspool the threads that bind us to one another — sometimes stitched tightly, and other times they’ve come loose like the thread on a favourite jersey. These characters are seeking love, whether they know it or not.

Whanau Friendly: Children love short films! Introduce the small people in your life to the magic of cinema. This collection of films is suitable for the whole family. Take a wild ride on a tram that is off its tracks without brakes! Discover a meteorite that has crash-landed into Earth. Meet a magician who will teach us his magic tricks. Hop on a pirate ship in search of treasure. Learn the important art of making new friends.

Moments Of Truth: Short films invoke delicious moments of intensity. They have a lot to say within a small time frame. The stories in this collection are about characters who are at a crossroads in life. They have to make a tough decision about where to go from here. We stand with them on the precipice, facing our future and taking a bold step forward into unknown territory.

Food Fights: As in many cultures, mealtimes bring us together in Aotearoa. They are a time for sharing with our loved ones, but they can also be a source of tension, as these short films demonstrate. A fiery argument can start from something as simple as deciding where to eat out, or whose turn it is to buy cake decorations for the party.

Tangled Worlds: We all exist in our own universe, but sometimes we are thrust into the worlds of others. We can become tangled in the lives and moralities of the people we meet along our path. The short films collected here take our characters into unexpected situations where they don’t know what to expect, what is real, or where home is any more.

UK Focus: This bold collection of top new short films from the United Kingdom has been curated in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival. The seven short films explore the lives of Brits in the 21st century — their concerns, fears, hopes and dreams. We delve into a variety of topics such as sex, love, family, displacement, drugs, dating and nights out on the town. The movies demonstrate a wide breadth of new filmmaking talent in the UK creative sector.


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