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Love Unconditional

Short Films


96 minutes

Age Restriction

R18 (Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity)


Various Directors


Various Actors

Show Me Shorts 2023: Love Unconditional

Familial love and affection cuts to the core of who we are. The bonds the characters in the stories share run deep, despite some testing times. Come away from these shorts with some no-nonsense life advice, and a renewed sense of affection for your parents.

  • Faire un Enfant (Making Babies). Drama, 19 mins, Canada
  • Good Luck. Satire, 8 mins, New Zealand
  • Blue. Coming of age, 10 mins, United Kingdom
  • NAI / Milk. Drama, 13 mins, NewZealand
  • Tu Niño (Your Kid). Dance, 15 mins, United States
  • 推拿(Tuī Ná). Coming of age, 15 mins, Australia
  • Familial-Daithi. Music Video, 5 mins, New Zealand

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Show Me Shorts 2023: Love Unconditional - Trailer

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