Show Me Shorts: Crossed Wires
07 Oct 2021
Art House, Film Festival, Special Event
1 hours 35 minutes
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Show Me Shorts: Crossed Wires

1 hours 35 minutes | Rated M

Sometimes it pays to hold our assumptions lightly, lest we step off the ledge of misunderstanding, into the great unknown. These stories illustrate friendships put to the test, a dystopian medical misadventure, a hilarious depiction of design by committee and a fascinating tale of what actually happened in one NYC building that morning of 9/11 twenty years ago. Beware of your preconceptions, all is definitely not what it seems.

Total length: 95 min
Rating: TBC

Song for Serbia
Drama, 9 mins, NZ
World Premiere
Two sisters decide to escape lockdown and are picked up by a couple of unlikely locals. Mistake, assumption and prejudice come to the fore after a sudden perceived threat.
Dir/Writ: Rouzie Hassanova
Prod: Francesca Carney

Thriller, 7 mins, Finland
Hannele is going out for a walk with her friend when suddenly a dense and lethal fog rises. Hannele manages to lock herself into her car, but her friend is stuck outside. Their friendship is pushed to the limit as self-preservation starts to kick in.
Dir/Writ: Marianne Farley
Prod: Charlotte BeaudoinPoisson, Sophie Ricard-Harvey

Thriller, 20 mins, Canada
In the near future, following the adoption of an anti-abortion law, a woman has no other choice but to end her pregnancy using an illegal abortion clinic.
Dir/Writ: Marianne Farley
Prod: Charlotte Beaudoin Poisson, Sophie Ricard-Harvey

Votamos (Time to Vote)
Drama, 14 mins, Spain
What begins as an ordinary board meeting in a traditional apartment building to vote on the renewal of the elevator turns into an unexpected debate about the limits of pacific coexistence.
Dir/Writ: Santiago Requejo Lopez-Mateos
Prod: Tono Escudero

Shower Boys
Drama, 9 mins, Sweden
After a heated training match with the team, twelve-year-old Viggo and Noel go home to challenge each other’s limits and masculinity. A sudden stop to an innocent game questions what a male friendship is allowed to be.
Dir/Writ: Christian Zetterberg
Writ: Albin Abrahamsson
Prod: Liselotte Persson

Strangers – Ha the Unclear
Music Video, 4 mins, NZ
Another mundane day at the office becomes unforgettable when an office worker gets stuck in a lift with a pregnant puppet.
Dir: Vision Thing
Prod: Jane Davis

Free Fall
Drama, 20 mins, France
Tom is a young trader at a London bank, but his recent results have put him in the hot seat. When the first plane hits the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, 2001, Tom risks his career and jumps into the biggest trade of
his life.
Dir/Writ: Emmanuel Tenenbaum
Writ: Guillaume Fournier
Prod: Zangro

A Hole
Comedy, 12 mins, NZ
NZ Premiere
A skilled workman digs a perfect hole in a cracked earthen plain in an endless warehouse. A series of well-dressed people come and sit on comfortable couches offering contradictory opinions, and the job gradually unravels.
Dir/Writ: James Solomon
Prod: Lissandra Leite

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