Show Me Shorts: Love and Chaos
07 Oct 2021
Art House, Film Festival, Special Event
1 hours 35 minutes
Age restriction:
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Show Me Shorts: Love and Chaos

1 hours 35 minutes | Rated M

The short films collected here reflect our deep desire for human connection. Sometimes this comes at a heavy cost, and sometimes things simply go awry. Whatever the outcome, we delve deeply as we join with others and seek to touch another’s heart. The stories here include cautionary tales of Stockholm Syndrome, K-Pop love dreams, betrayal and longing. These characters are all searching for love, whether they know it or not.

Total length: 95 min
Rating: M Violence, offensive language, drug references & sexual references.

Motvind (Headwind)
Comedy, 13 mins, Norway
On a windswept cliff Birgit fights a battle against wind turbines and against the policeman Trond who has come to remove her. With knitting, chocolate cake and a will of steel, she challenges the policeman to an unexpected duel.
Dir: Jon Vatne
Writ: Anna Lian
Prod: Bente Maalen, NZVegard Dahle

دریا و عاشق) (Lover and the Sea)
Drama, 8 mins, Islamic Republic of Iran
World Premiere
A married woman betrays her husband with a man who suffers sexual dysfunction. The two meet near a stark seaside location for a brief but telling exchange that will alter both their lives forever.
Dir/Writ/Prod: Ali Moazen

Heart To Heart
Thriller, 14 mins, NZ
World Premiere
A prisoner’s only chance of escape is to become BFFs with the unpredictable woman holding her hostage.
Dir/Writ/Prod: Lauren Porteous

Drama, 12 mins, NZ
NZ Premiere
With an unplanned pregnancy and a strained relationship with her mother, life is not the K-pop fantasy Yaejin dreams of.
Dir/Writ: Nahyeon Lee
Prod: Julie Zhu

Andy y las Demás (Andy and the Other Women)
Drama, 17 mins, Spain
Andy plans to visit her three open relationships on New Year’s Eve. She goes from one place to another to prove to herself that they are equally important to her.
Dir/Writ/Prod: Cintia Ballbé

My Mother’s Girlfriend
Drama, 15 mins, India
Renuka and Sadiya are two working-class women in love with each other. After a fun-filled day out for Renuka’s birthday, they head home to spend the night together. But unknown to them, Renuka’s son, Mangesh, has uncovered their secret.
Dir/Writ/Prod: Arun Fulara
Writ: Shreyas Choughule, Pratik Kinnarimath
Prod: Neeraj Churi, Sridhar Rangayan, Saagar Gupta, Christoph Thoke, Andreas Lucas

Love is a Hand Grenade
Drama, 13 mins, UK
Besties, Gabby and Alexis hook up after a messy night out, forcing them to question the nature of their relationship, sexuality and limits of love.
Dir/Writ: Jessica Benhamou
Prod: Victoria Thorson, Louise Tse, Rosanagh Griffiths

My Ex Boyfriend
Animation, 3 mins, Sweden
World Premiere
A story of two lovers growing apart as one undergoes a strange transformation, forcing the couple to face a dilemma.
Dir/Writ/Prod: Cissi Efraimssor

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