Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In
24 Jun 2021
1 hours 47 minutes
Age restriction:
M ( Offensive language)
Jason Ferguson
Alex Ferguson,
Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

1 hours 47 minutes | Rated M ( Offensive language)

A deeply revealing documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson. While recovering from a brain haemorrhage, Ferguson recounts details of his life and career to his son, including his legendary 26-year tenure as manager of Manchester United. This is a moving story about the bond between father and son, an exploration of leadership and mental toughness, and a celebration of one of football’s greatest careers.


Never Give In touches on topics (class, identity) rare in a sports documentary, etching a moving portrait of a man reflecting on his past at a point when his memory is slipping away from him. Empire Magazine

This documentary astutely captures the sense of a vulnerable champion looking back at a past he has dominated at the very point where he realises it may all be taken away from him. Screen International

It’s compelling stuff. London Evening Standard

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