The Turn of the Screw
1 hours 28 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Supernatural themes)
Alex Galvin
Ben Fransham,
Greer Phillips,
Jane Waddell,
Ella Olssen,
Sarah Munn,
Ralph Johnson,
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The Turn of the Screw

1 hours 28 minutes | Rated M (Supernatural themes)

Can you trust what you see?

A young actress, Julia, is a last minute replacement in a theatre production of the Henry James classic The Turn of the Screw, for the lead who suddenly pulled out a day before opening. Arriving late at night, Julia must immediately go on stage and perform a dress rehearsal to an empty auditorium.

As she interacts with other characters, Julia becomes immersed in the gothic horror production. As her terror increases, Julia begins to suspect that it’s not the fictitious house that’s haunted, but the theatre itself.

A gothic horror for adults, this truly unique adaptation of THE TURN OF THE SCREW can be compared to films like THE OTHERS and Lars Von Trier’s DOGVILLE, as well as the much-loved NT Live Productions.

THE TURN OF THE SCREW had its World Premiere at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, and has garnered a number of official selections and awards overseas, including:

Official Selection: Shanghai International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: China Golden Rooster Awards 2020 (Chinese Oscars)
Official Selection: Terror In the Bay Film Festival 2020 (Canada)
Winner – Best Picture: Istanbul Film Awards 2020
Winner – Best Horror Film: L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2020
Winner – Best Horror Film: Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020

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