Two of Us
Comedy, Drama, Queer, Romance
1 hours 35 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Offensive language)
Filippo Meneghetti
Jérôme Varanfrain,
Muriel Bénazéraf,
Léa Drucker,
Barbara Sukowa,
Martine Chevallier,
Two of Us

1 hours 35 minutes | Rated M (Offensive language)

Nina and Madeleine, two retired women, are secretly deeply in love for decades. From everybody’s point of view, including Madeleine’s family, they are simply neighbors living on the top floor of their building. They come and go between their two apartments, sharing the tender delights of everyday life together. Until the day their relationship is turned upside down by an unexpected event leading Madeleine’s daughter to slowly unveil the truth about them.


Two of Us is a highlight of the most epic of love stories: the kind that wasn’t and isn’t recognized. That Shelf

Perhaps most importantly, what Two of Us captures is something which so much of mainstream media would rather ignore: the desire, passion and sexuality of people above a certain age. Film Inquiry

Young lovers move over — Barbara Sukowa (Nina) and Martine Chevallier (Mado) bring to life an unforgettable lesbian couple whose sexual flame still burns brightly. Screen Daily


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COMING 13 Aug 2020