Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
09 Jun 2022
Drama, Romance
2 hours 2 minutes
Age restriction:
M (Sexual references)
Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Kiyohiko Shibukawa,
Kotone Furukawa,
Katsuki Mori,
Fusako Urabe,
Aoba Kawai,
Ayumu Nakajima,
Shouma Kai,
Hyunri ,
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

2 hours 2 minutes | Rated M (Sexual references)

An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding. WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY explores three female-centred short stories thematically linked by coincidence, regret, and imagination.


★★★★”Ingenious, playful, sparklingly acted and thoroughly entertaining”
The Guardian
★★★★★ “wondrous, searching and loquacious”
The Upcoming
★★★★“The writer-director’s greatest gift is wringing intense emotion from each moment”   Time Out London


This female-led triptych of stories, with its deft, empathetic camerawork and intimate, intricately crafted character sketches, is a minor masterpiece in its own right. Observer (UK)

The conceit is simple, but it’s pulled off so flawlessly here it feels like a story you’ve always known written by Hamaguchi’s beloved Anton Chekhov. Financial Times

The stories feed into each other, helped by some subtle writing and restrained performances, and the drama slowly deepens. Times (UK)

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy is a brilliant, beautiful, deceptive meditation on the forces that move us all. Vox

The brief spotlight on these tangled lives leaves us to fill in the bigger picture for ourselves. Little White Lies

It’s destiny. It’s fate. It’s better than any romance under the stars. Autostraddle

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