Welcome to Alice Recommendations, our complimentary film recommendation service.

We understand that one of the biggest problems our customers face is the overwhelming selection of movies. After all, Alice alone has over 25,000 DVDs!
This motivated us to develop our very online tool that provides you with 300 film recommendations based on your own personal favourites, in just a few clicks. Unlike similar online tools based on computer algorithms, each of our suggestions have been hand picked by our Alice film specialists with over 30 years experience in the film industry.

The system behind it is very simple, but as accurate as it gets:
Every single film that went through our database over the last 30 years was painstakingly linked to other similar films, so now when you request the recommendations, you get the exact same results as if you were to ask us to manually create you a list.
If you want to eliminate all the guesswork and discover the films that you are highly likely to enjoy, go ahead and give it a try!