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Animation for Kids 4+



66 minutes

Age Restriction



Various Directors


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Various Producers

NZIFF – Animation for Kids 4+

We’ve searched near and far, and high and low to collect this latest selection of short film delights, selected especially to charm and captivate our littlest film fans.

Kiri And Lou: I’m a Rock – Harry Sinclair, Antony Elworthy – Aotearoa New Zealand 2023 | English | 5 mins. Be the very first kiddos in the world to see the latest forest adventure of Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur, and Lou, her gentle and thoughtful best friend.

To Be Sisters – Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard – France 2022 | No Dialogue | 7 mins. Two sisters circle each other’s orbits, laughing, shouting, playing, and spinning each other in their own unique way.

What’s in That Crate? – Bram Algoed, Pieter Gaudesaboos – Belgium 2023 | No Dialogue | 9 mins. Meet a pilot, a captain, a train driver, a van driver, a mailperson, a little girl… and one giant mysterious crate.

Spin & Ella – An Vrombaut – Belgium 2023 | No dialogue | 7 mins. Ella the fairy and her eight-legged friend Spin weave the most whimsical webs, but only when they work together.

The Turnip – Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu – Estonia 2022 | No dialogue | 7 mins. The age-old Slavic tale of The Enormous Turnip, this time told from the viewpoint of underground animals and insects.

Little Goat Man – Sheldon Lieberman – Australia 2021 | English | 2 mins. His mother was a mum and his father was a goat. Sing along now!

Pond – Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust – Switzerland 2023 | No Dialogue | 8 mins. When a little fish gets lost in a tidal pool, it must win over the various tricky sea creatures that dwell there.

Princess Aubergine – Dina Velikovskaya – Germany/Russia 2023 | No Dialogue | 8 mins. A king and queen have everything they could possibly want—love, castles, horses, gardens, pets…but something is missing.

T-Rex – Julia Ocker – Germany 2022 | No Dialogue | 4 mins. Unsurprisingly, the T-Rex is very bad at playing basketball.

Cat and Moth – India Barnardo  – UK/Canada 2021 | No Dialogue | 7 mins. A snoozy cat wants nothing more than to settle in the most comfortable spot in the room, but a sneaky little moth has their eye on it too. It’s a cat-chase-moth world out there.

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