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Animation For Kids 8+



65 minutes

Age Restriction

PG (Coarse language & some scenes may scare very young children)


Various Directors


Various Actors


Various Producers

NZIFF – Animation for Kids 8+

Let your imagination be inspired by our latest eclectic collection of engaging animated short films. Curated for the curious, this is terrific viewing for inquisitive kids, budding animators, and indie-animation-admiring adults alike.

Sunflower – Natalia Chernysheva – France 2023 | No Dialogue | 4 mins. When a sunflower like no other decides to buck convention, they discover a whole new perspective.

Mall Stories: Attila the Grilla – Elizabeth Ito – USA 2022 | English | 7 mins. Any way you slice and dice this delightful any doc, the girl-grill-boss and endearing staff of this foodcourt eatery will win your hearts.

Paolo’s Happiness – Thorsten Drössler, Manuel Schroeder – Czech Republic/Switzerland/Germany 2022 | No Dialogue | 14 mins. QuietPaolo loves to cry, but when his tears make him a local celebrity, life gets a little crowded.

Burry Man – Simon P Biggs – UK 2022 | No Dialogue | 6 mins. Defying her father and his traditions, a teenage girl ventures out into the world in search of a mysterious figure who will bring spring to her family land.

You Sold My Rollerskates – Margaux Cazal, Jeanne Hammel, Louis Holmes, Sandy Lackhar, Agathe Leroux, Léa Rey-Mauzaize – France 2020 | French with English Subtitles | 6 mins. Disaster! Lou’s mum sold his beloved roller skates at the garage sale, leading to a series of strange and revealing encounters.

Shackle – Ainslie Henderson – UK 2023 | No Dialogue | 10 mins. Deep in the woods, in an alternative, time-lapsed world, Owl, Mammal, and Reptile play out time-old archetypal human conflict.

Polar Bears Boredom – Yamamura Koji – Japan 2021 | Japanese and English | 7 mins. Even with an ocean of friends, a polar bear’s got to bear some boredom sometimes.

The Queen of the Foxes – Marina Rosset – Switzerland 2022 | French with English subtitles | 9 mins. An ode to connection and the power of a great letter.

Sleepy – Rich Webber – UK 2022 | No Dialogue | 1 min. Hilarious things can happen when sleep catches up with you.

Somni – Sonja Rohleder – Germany 2023 | No Dialogue | 3 mins. When it’s time to drift off and we close our eyes, what do we see when we enter the realm of dreams.

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