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109 minutes

Age Restriction

R16 (Violence, cruelty, offensive language & content that may disturb)


Alex Garland


Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Wagner Moura, Kirsten Dunst


Gregory Goodman, Allon Reich, Andrew Macdonald

Civil War

As tensions escalate between the states and the government, a group of journalists travel across a war-torn America to document the peak of the conflict in Washington, DC. The result is a harrowing experience that combines powerful cinematic action sequences with glimpses of humanity and companionship in times of crisis.

Written and directed by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Ex Machina, Anihilation), his newest film is an epic-scaled and adrenaline-fueled perspective on the future of the United States. With Kirsten Dunst, Cailee Spaeny, Wagner Moura and Jesse Plemons, it is one of Garland’s most intense and urgent films to date.

The A.V Club – “It’s a film about the open-ended question of how much humanity we as a species have left in us, and that makes it a provocative, thrilling monster of a movie that will sear itself into your eyeballs.” (full review here)

Collider – “It’s hard to tell whether the film means to be a violent warning or a bleak prediction (fathomably both). Still, at the end of it all, as complicated and combative post-screening discourse will undoubtedly become, Civil War stands attentively as Garland’s best film yet.” (full review here)

IndieWire – “It’s like an immersive experience of being in a war zone, which establishes a sort of battlefield camaraderie between the audience and the group of journalists who guide us through the Eastern part of the U.S. in the last days of a devastating civil war.” (full review here)

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