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Short Films


100 minutes

Age Restriction

M (Sex scenes & offensive language)


Various Directors


Various Actors

Show Me Shorts 2023: Turning up the Heat

The best short films distill a story down to its essence. That’s exactly what the filmmakers behind these powerful and intense stories do. This collection offers a masterclass in quietly building tension and populating an intriguing world with layered characters. Be it on the squash court, the playground, or lying prone beneath a gas oven. There’s not a minute wasted.

  • Crack Shot. Thriller, 14 mins, United States.
  • Hello, Muscles. Drama, 14 mins, United Kingdom
  • Big Bang. Drama, 14 mins, Brazil
  • The Last Sunday. Drama, 13 mins, New Zealand
  • Lamb. Thriller, 15 mins, Ireland
  • Regular Rabbit. Animation, 8mins, Ireland
  • Bolero. Dance, 16 mins, France

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Show Me Shorts 2023: Turning up the Heat - Trailer

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