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Short Films


71 minutes

Age Restriction



Various Directors


Various Actors

Show Me Shorts 2023: Whānau Friendly

Fast becoming one of the most popular sessions at Show Me Shorts, this annual collection of short films is for children and their families to enjoy together. Let us ignite a love of cinema in your tamariki. Join the Prime Minister’s daughter at parliament buildings. Discover a floating world in danger. Meet an eccentric boy with a love of crows, a space dog, and a spider. Learn together to shoot for the moon!

Best for age:7–12 yrs

  • Swing to the Moon. Animation, 7 mins, France
  • Corvine. Animation, 10 mins, Canada
  • Fraiha. Animation, 6 mins, Qatar
  • Malapan. Animation, 13 mins, New Zealand
  • Harvey. Animation, 9 mins, Canada
  • The Polycees. Fantasy, 9 mins, New Zealand
  • Apocalypse Dog. Animation, 7 mins, France
  • 你的快递是这么丢的 (The Lost Courier). Animation, 3 mins, China

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Show Me Shorts 2023: Whānau Friendly - Trailer

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